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UFA is a strong national research centre that trains highly qualified specialists worldwide for oil and gas and other companies. USPTU constantly adopts innovative learning technologies and develops the digital and virtual infrastructure for professional training based on full-scale interactive simulators, computer models and systems. The university includes 4 Faculties, 5 Institutes, 2 Higher Schools, the Institute of Additional Professional Education, an engineering centre, and a youth technopark, and offers Bachelor´s and Master´s, postgraduate and doctoral study programs.

eligibility criteria


Undergraduate Degree Programs:
1. Petroleum Engineering
2. Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics
3. Chemical Engineering
Graduate Degree Programs:
1. Petroleum Engineering
2. Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics
3. Chemical Engineering


    1. After finalising the course and fee structure with our representative, you can send the following documents to our email eeua@doitright.pk
      1. Duly completed Registration Form Copy
      2. Educational documents copies
      3. Passport copy (1st three pages)
    2. After reviewing the documents, the student is required to pay a Non-Refundable University Registration Fee of USD.300.

The fee can be transferred to the Do It Right Pakistan bank account or paid at the Do It Right Pakistan’s Lahore or Islamabad office.

  1. An interview will be scheduled for the student with the EEUA regional director, and within three (3) to four (4) working days, EEUA will issue an initial acceptance letter Islamabad Office.
  1. Admission test will be conducted either online, or it will be held in Russia at the university campus, based on the individual university policy.
  2. The Russian Invitation process will take around 40 to 45 days after final acceptance from the university.
  3. During this time, the student will get all their educational documents attested by Pakistani educational system & ministry of foreign affairs, arrange police character certificates, medical fitness test, HIV test, bank statements etc.
  4. Once the invitation letter is received, the student shall pay the remaining dues including airport pickup fee, tuition fee, hostel fee, medical insurance and EEUA Pakistan fee. Upon paying the aforementioned fees, the student shall submit the visa application along with the fee receipts provided by EEUA Pakistan.
  5. Once the visa is granted, the student will make necessary flight reservations and share the itinerary details with the local EEUA office so that the local EEUA office can arrange the necessary student pickup from the destination airport and subsequent transport to the university.


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